The Mosam Skiffle Train

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Pebble Music, PMC 019

All these samples are in Real Audio format. You need a RealPlayer to listen to them.

1.  Deale
2.  Viagra
3.  Doezend Plaotse
4.  Miene Pa Is Drekmaan
5.  Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
6.  Prakkezeere
7.  Sjöt Ins In Merie
8.  Maak Diech Mer Neet Dik Euver Mörrige
9.  Jugband Wals
10.  D’r Berg
11.  Noondezju
12.  Gaank Fietse
13.  D’n Awwen Holle Weeg
14.  Scheissegal

Pebble Music, BL.PMC 027
About the songs

All these samples are in Real Audio format. You need a RealPlayer to listen to them.

1.  John Henry
2.  Oh Monah
3.  In The Evening
4.  Putting On The Style
5.  Bright Lights Big City
6.  Green Corn
7.  Orange Blossom Special
8.  Little Red Rooster
9.  Parlez Nous A Boire
10. Sixteen Tons
11. My Dixie Darling
12. Pay Me My Money Down
13. The Grand Coulee Dam
14. Song For Lonnie
15. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
16. Big Rock Candy Mountains


Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2128

These samples are all in Real Audio format. You need a RealPlayer to listen to them.

1.  Jesse James
2.  New Burrying Ground
3.  The Blood Done Sign Your Name
4.  Ham 'n' Eggs
5.  Delia's Gone
6.  Never Ending Love
7.  Roll Down The Line
8.  Rock Island Line
9.  New York Town
10. Westphalia Waltz
11. The Sunshine Of Your Smile
12. Staggerlee
13. Wondering
14. Tom Dooley
15. This Little Light O' Mine
16. The Dustman (The Ballad Of A Disposal Officer)*
17. Nobody's Child
18. Sure You Are
19. Here Rattler
* Recorded with audience at Borgharen Castle.

Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 9927
Cover painting: The route to CA
Currier & Ives, Courtesy of the Bancroft Library,
University of California, Berkely


For the Real Audio (RA) samples you need a RealPlayer

1.  Scheissegal
2.  10.000 years ago
3.  The red rose cafe
4.  Nine by nine
5.  Kevin Barry
6.  Ella Speed
7.  Dance de la rue                                  WAV  RA
8.  Worried man
9.  There's a woman going 'round
10. Ragtime Annie                                   WAV  RA
11. Lovely roses
12. Ain't no more corn on the Brazos       WAV  RA
13. Julian Johnson
14. Maggie
15. What I'll lose at dawn

Marlstone Recordings BV, CDS 9919


1.  Scheissegal                                        WAV  RA
2.  Ella Speed
Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2001, CDL 2002, CDL 2003


Sheissegal (dialect version)
Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2002


In de maot, oet de maot (dialect version of "Dance de la rue", see the album "Rent Party")


Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2102


Miene pa is drekmaan (dialect version of "The Dustman", see the album "Back Water")


Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2201


Schöd 'ns in Merie (dialect version of "Have a drink on me")


Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2301 and CDL 2302 Gaank fietse (dialect version of "Oh Monah")

Pebble Music






Oh Monah

Pebble Music





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