The Mosam Skiffle Train


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Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 9927
Cover painting: The route to CA
Currier & Ives, Courtesy of the Bancroft Library,
University of California, Berkely


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1.  Scheissegal
2.  10.000 years ago
3.  The red rose cafe
4.  Nine by nine
5.  Kevin Barry
6.  Ella Speed
7.  Dance de la rue                                  WAV  RA
8.  Worried man
9.  There's a woman going 'round
10. Ragtime Annie                                   WAV  RA
11. Lovely roses
12. Ain't no more corn on the Brazos       WAV  RA
13. Julian Johnson
14. Maggie
15. What I'll lose at dawn

Marlstone Recordings BV, CDS 9919


1.  Scheissegal                                        WAV  RA
2.  Ella Speed
Vastelaovend van Eijsde tot de Mookerhei 7
Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2001


Sheissegal (dialect version)
Vastelaovend in Mestreech 5
Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2002


Scheissegal (dialect version)
In de maot, oet de maot (dialect version of "Dance de la rue", see the album "Rent Party")
Vastelaovend in Mestreech 6
Marlstone Recordings BV, CDL 2102

Miene pa is drekmaan


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