The Mosam Skiffle Train

Rent Party - Lyrics

(Jean Innemee/Dick van Altena)

Heinrich was a German, with Germans all around
Which wasn’t so surprising, ‘cause he lived in a German town
He heard about those coffeeshops across the borderline
Friends said:”They will catch you before you’re back to the river Rhine”
No one knows what really happened till this very day
But I always shall remember the words he used to say

Scheißegal, scheißegal
If it’s tasting good, like I hope it would
Scheißegal, scheißegal
If it’s tasting good it’s scheißegal

Shaggy owned a coffeeshop in a quiet bordertown
People came to see him from many miles around
Heinrich from that German town with Germans and all that
He entered into Shaggy’s shop Said:” Hello” and tipped his hat
Heinrich asked Shaggy “Guter Freund what have you got?”
And he replied when Shaggy asked: “Hash, or weed or what?”


Now here’s the part where Shaggy gets a luminous idea
He said: “I’ll skip into the back, please wait a moment here.”
There were voices there were noises and a big sigh of relief
What happened then dear listeners you just would not believe
On the counter stood a steaming box and Shaggy said:”Here you are
Ten ounces of the best the finest uncut scheißegal


10.000 years ago

I was born ten thousand years ago
And there is nothing in this world that I don’t know
I saw Peter, Paul and Moses
Playing ‘Ring around the roses’
And I’ll whip the guy who says it isn’t so

I saw Satan when he looked the garden over
I saw Eve and Adam driven from the door
And behind the bush a-peeping, saw the apple they were eating
And I swear I was the guy who eat the core

I saw Samson when he laid the village cold
I saw Daniel tame the lions in their hold
I help build the tower of Babel, as high as they were able
And there’s many other things I haven’t told

The queen of Sheba fell in love with me
We were married in Milwaukee secretly
In Washington I shook her and went off with General Hooker
To fight them skeeters down in Tennessee

I remember when this country had a king
Saw Cleopatra pawn her wedding ring
And I saw the flags a-flying when George Washington stopped lying
On the night when Paddy first began to sing

I saw Nero fiddling when he burned up Rome
Told him it looked like his future home
When he had the nerve to holler I grabbed him by his collar
And cracked a whiskey bottle on his dome

The red rose cafe
(Het kleine cafe aan de haven)

They come from the farms and the factory too
And they all soon forget who they are
The cares of the day are soon wasted away
As they sit on a chair by the bar
The girl with green eyes in the Rolling Stones shirt
Doesn’t look like she walks on the line
The man at the end he’s a very good friend
Of the man who says ”Hey”, shaking hands

Down at the red rose cafe by the harbor
There by the port just outside Amsterdam
Every one shares in the songs and the laughter
Everyone is so happy to be there

The salesman who’s there drinks a few pints of beer
And he tries not to speak about trade
The poet won’t wait and he asks the maid
If he may sing a sweet serenade
So pull up a chair and forget about life
It’s a good thing to go now and then
And if you like it here I have an idea
Tomorrow lets all meet again

Kevin Barry

Early on one Sunday morning
High upon the gallow tree
Kevin Barry gave his young life
For the cause of liberty

Just a lad of eighteen summers
And yet no one can deny
As he walked to death that morning
He proudly held his head up high

Just before they hanged young Kevin,
In his lonely prison cell,
Locked and tied they tortured Kevin
Just because he wouldn’t tell

Tell the names of all your comrades
And other things we want to know
Turn informant and we’ll free you
Kevin proudly answered “no”

Go on and shoot me like a soldier
Don’t hang me like a dog in scorn
I’m forced to free old Ireland
On that chill September morning

Ella Speed

Ella Speed was down town having a loving fun
Along came Bill martin with his Colt 41

Bill Martin he was long tall and slender
Better known as a friendly bartender

The first bullet hit her in the head
And the second ball hit her in the breast

All the young girls were moaning and crying
When Bill Martin shot poor Ella till she died

So come on everybody and take heed
Just remember the death of Ella Speed

When he was arrested and locked up in jail
There was nobody to go for his bail

For the deed Bill Martin that you’ve done
Your sentence is you are to be hung

Bill Martin had two daughters and a wife
They’re begging the jury for his life

Bill Martin fell upon his knees
Crying “judge have mercy on me”

Dance de la rue
(H.van Heck/K.van Riessen)

Dans la rue, dans la rue, avec un peu de jus
C’est si magnefique, c’est comme elastique
Dans la rue, dans la rue, quand il pluît sur la tête
Prends une parapluie. Prends une parapluie

Mais quand le soleil brule, dancer c’est ridicule
Imagine une heur ou deux dancer la dance de la rue
Mais quand le soleil brule, dancer c’est ridicule
Imagine une heure ou deux la dance de la rue

Allons enfants de notre patrie, voulez vous etre plus jolies
Chantez cette chanson de la rue, la chanson de la rue
Allons enfants de notre patrie, voulez vous etre plus jolies
Chantez cette chanson de la rue, la chanson de la rue

Worried man

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song 3 x
I’m worried now but I won’t be worried long

The train that I ride is twenty one coaches long 3x
And on that train my truelove has been gone

I went down to the river and lay me down to sleep 3x
When I awoke there were shackles on my feet

I say to mister judge tell me what’s gonna be my trial 3 x
Twenty one years on the old Rock Island Line 

There’s a woman going ‘round

Despair is filling my poor brain
A cry of terror indescribable pain
Shot in the back, what seemed to be white was black
There’s a woman going ‘round taking names

Unexpectedly she came into my life
With promises, love and a lot of strife
Her beauty drove me mad, but her trickery made me sad
For my sweety was a devil in disguise

There’s a woman going ‘round, there’s a woman going ‘round
There’s a woman going ‘round taking names
There’s a woman going ‘round, there’s a woman going ‘round
Using men like a toy she’s playing games

I think I’m gonna buy me a 44
For I wanna kill that little vampire whore
And when she’s dead and gone, I’m gonna make a brand new song
For her tricks ain’t walking anymore 

Lovely roses
(Rode rozen)

I heard a song and it’s reaching my ears
A beautiful voice starts me crying
I remember the girl who was singing that song
To think of her it keeps me sighing
And I fell in love for the very first time
From that day I was hoping to get her
And then I asked her if she would be mine
Now we are living together

Lovely roses for you my darling
This bouquet I bought it for you
And I’ve waited here all those hours
Just to give a rose to you
In the springtime and in the summer
I will buy some roses for you
Lovely roses for you my darling
Because I’m so in love with you

And now we get older but we’re still in love
The dark day’s turned into good weather
While we’re reminiscing the years passing by
Still every new day looks better
Since I fell in love on that very first day
I always will buy her some flowers
And now I’m happy that she is still mine
I’m singing for her every hour

Ain’t no more cane on the Brazos

Ain’t no more cane on the Brazos 
They grained it al up to melassis

Captain don’t you do me like you’ve done to Shine
You’ve drivin’ that Bully till he went stone blind

You’ve come to the river in 1904
You could find a dead man every turning row

You’ve come to the river in 1910
They where driving’ the women like they drive the men

Rise up dead men help me drive my row
Rise up all dead men help me drive my row

There is some in the building; there is some on the farm
There is some in the graveyard and there’s some going’ home

Wake up poor lifer, and hold up your nappy head
You may catch a pardon, or you may drop dead


The violets are stunning the woods Maggie
Displaying their charms for the bees
When I first said “I love only you Maggie”
And you said you loved only me

The birdies between us sang a song Maggie
The robins sang loud on the breeze
When I first said “I love only you Maggie”
And you said you loved only me

The golden row daffodils shine Maggie
And dance with the leaves on the trees
When I first said “I love only you Maggie”
And you said you loved only me

Our hopes they were never fulfilled Maggie
Our dream were never to be
When I first said “I love only you Maggie”
And you said you loved only me

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