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Due to the Summer holidays this sad news is posted a little late:

On Wednesday August 1 2007 not only Limburg but all of The Netheralnds have lost a great musician. Jean Innemee, who had been ill for quite some time, died at the age of 69.

Jean was founding member of The Mosam Skiffle Group and later of The Walkers. He has always remained very involved in music as a writer, producer, musician accompanying other artists etc.. He preferred to stay in the background, but he has had an important impact on our music.

We have lost a great musician and a very amiable person..................

The deepest sympathy to family, friends and acquaintances.

This week The Mosam Skiffle Train has entered the chart "L1 Top 10" with the song "Maak Diech Mer Neet Dik Euver Mörrige" and went straight to number 3! The highest new entry this week.

The Mosam Skiffle Train is recording a new album. All lyrics will be in the local dialect. The titles of the songs are:
Deale/Viagra/Doezend plaotse/Miene pa is drekmaan/Jigsaw puzzle blues/Prakkezere/Sjöt ins in Merie/Maak diech mer neet dik euver mörrige/Jugband wals/D'r Berg/Noondejuu/Gaank fietse/D'n awwen holle weeg/Scheissegal.
The album is to be released in October 2005.

Recently Michael Hamane joined the band as a successor to our former guitarist Henry Nafzger. Michael is a well-known musician who also plays in The Revival Band with Jean's brother, René. Coming from America, he started his musical career in Europe as a member of American Gypsy. The first rehearsals and a first, unofficial, gig were already very promising.

The band will appear on local TV station "TV Limburg" on Thursday, December 23. Watch for them in the show "Carrousel", starting at 6:00 pm (18:00). The band will perform the song "This Little Light Of Mine".

After a musical career spanning 46 years, Henry Nafzger has decided to stop, so enabling him to spend more time with his family and his great love: world travel. Henry started in 1958 with the Mozam Skiffle Group and has been successful since then in bands like The Walkers, The Cash and the last one The Mosam Skiffle Train, of which he was one of the founders. We wish Henry lots of success in his new undertakings.

On November 15th, The Mosam Skiffle Train will be performing live on local radio station "Radio Stein". It starts at 8:00 pm (20:00).
A new track with the title "Viagra", will be released in November 2004 on a Mardi Gras (carnaval) compilation disk by Pebbles Music.

The Mosam Skiffle Train will be doing a live interview on local radio station "Echt en Susteren" on Saturday, October 30th, between 3:00 and 5:00 pm (15:00 - 17:00).

A few Mosam Skiffle Train songs have been added to an English compilation album. For more info:

From September 15 through September 21 the local TV station "TV Stein" will broadcast the video of "Oh Monah" on a dayly basis.
Om September 21, the local radio station "Lokale Omroep Stein" will broadcast an interview with the band, between 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (20:00 - 22:00).

Check the samples of the two clips from the songs John Henry and Monah.

A few weeks ago The Mosam Skiffle Train recorded two clips from the songs John Henry and Monah. The Mosam Skiffle Train will be featured the next few weeks with their new video-clips on the following TV Stations:

TV Weert (Local Station)
TV Maasbracht (Local Station)
TV Grens en Maas (Local Station)
TV Leeuwarden (Local Station)
TV Drachten (Local Station)
TV Oost (Regional Station)
L1 TV (Regional Station)
TV Limburg (Regional Station)

The song John Henry from the album "Twice Bitten, Three Times Shy" has reached second place this week in "The Limbo Top 10".

The new album, "Twice Bitten, Three Times Shy", has been released! Check the albums page!.

The new album, "Twice Bitten, Three Times Shy", will soon be released! Check the schedule! More info will be available soon on the albums page.

There is a new compilation CD by The Walkers (predecessors of The Mosam Skiffle Train) including all the great hits and ten more additional recordings that never appeared on CD. The title is "Hollands Glorie". The order number is: CNR 22208122, it can be bought or ordered at any recordshop.

At the moment The Mosam Skiffle Train are recording their third album: Twice Bitten, Three Times Shy
The track list: Mona/In the evening/Parlez nous a boire/John Henry/The big Grand Colee Dam/Bright light, big city/The Big Rock Candy Mountains /Sixteen tons/Pay me my money down/Putting on the style/My Dixie darling/Green corn/Little red rooster/Orange blossom special/Foggy mountain breakdown

An acquaintance of ours has made 10 CD's with six original recordings of The Mosam Skiffle Group from 1960. There's even a professional cover with information on the band. People who are interested can order a copy, as long as copies are available. The price is € 10,00 including shipment within The Netherlands. Please use the invoice page to order a copy.

In cooperation with Lutz Eikelmann (music), Peter Houben wrote the lyrics to the song "Song for Lonnie", in remembrance of the godfather of Skiffle music, Lonnie Donnegan, who died last year. The song has been recorded by The Mosam Skiffle Train in the Marlstone Studios.
We only learned recently that it will also be recorded for his next CD by Dicky Bishops, Donnegan's former guitarist and current banjo player in Chris Barber's band.
When Lonnie's widow, Sharon Donnegan, heard the song as performed by The Mosam Skiffle Train, she said she was very much moved by it.
Our violinist, Barbel Ehlert, will also play on Bishops new album.

The Mosam Skiffle Train will be going into the Marlstone Studio to record a song called "Mona" on December 4. Beside the English version, also a dialect version "Gaank Fietse" will be recorded for the CD "Karnaval: Vaan Eisde Tot De Mookerhei", appearing Januari 2003.

The selection of songs for the live CD in Beckum, Germany, planned for November is not definite yet, the following songs are considered: Big Grand Coulee Dam, John Henry, When The Sun Goes Down, Parlez-nous à boire, Bright Lights, Big City, Big Rock Candy Mountains, Sixteen Tons, Pay Me My Money Down, My Dixie Darling, Green Corn, Glasgow, Putting On The Style, Orange Blossom Special.
We’ll keep you posted.

Lonnie Donegan, the King of Skiffle, died on 3 November 2002. Read all about him on his official website:

The Mosam Skiffle Train will be featured on TV for the next 4 weeks. The band can be seen on a regular basis at these stations:
Weert TV (local TV station)
TV Studio Maasbracht (local TV station)
Maas en Grens TV (local TV station)
T.V. Totaal (regional TV station)

We're happy to inform you that Maddi Blaize is well again. Jules Bartels will stay on as member of the band.

We're sorry to inform you that Maddi Bleize is ill. Jules Bartels, former drummer of The Chaplin Band, will replace him for the time being on drums, washboard and accordion.

The Mosam Skiffle Train will appear on TV! The TV-special will be taped on April 6 2002. The show will be broadcast by several local TV stations in the middle region of Limburg and by TV Totaal. More information as soon as possible.

The Mosam Skiffle Train is considering the recording of a live album at a gig in Beckum, Germany. More details as soon as available.

This week "Back Water" has been chosen as "CD of the week" at Radio BRTO (Bergen op Zoom, NL).

The Mosam Skiffle Train will be interviewed by Pieter Kiewiet for L1 Radio, on January 15 at 13:45.

Dickie Bishop (known from the Lonnie Donegan skiffle group) has recorded a new album called "No Other Baby". It can be ordered at:
Lutz Eikelmann
Hohes Stuck 14
58300 Wetten a/d Ruhr
Email:  Homepage:

"Westphalia Waltz" from the CD "Back Water" has gone up to number 2 of the L1 Radio Limbo Top 10.

"Westphalia Waltz" from the CD "Back Water" has gone straight to number 5 of the L1 Radio Limbo Top 10.

The new CD, Back Water, will be released November 18, 2001. See the Albums page for samples.

Bärbel Ehlert, a 32 year old talented musician from Germany has joined the band. New pictures will be added to the site as soon as possible.

We are very sorry that we have to inform you that Marcel van Wersch has died on July 7. He will surely be missed.

Check the photo album for photographs of demo recording sessions for "Backroom".

The band will be going into the Marlstone studios on April 24, 25 and 26 to record a new CD. The worktitle is "Backroom" and the following songs will be recorded:
The Dustman/Rock Island Line/This little light/Here Rattler/Delia/Roll down the line/Tom Dooley/Staggerlee/Sure you are/Ham 'n' eggs/New burrying ground/New York Town/That's alright mamma/Jesse James/Nobody's child/The blood done sign your name/The sunshine of your smile/Never ending love/Wondering/Westphalia Waltz.

The album will be released around August. We'll keep you posted about the exact release date and the place where it will be presented.

The compilation album "Vasteloavend in Mestreech 6" which includes the track "Miene pa is drekmaan" was released on January 26 2001 (Marlstone Recordings, CDL 2102). 

The band is recording a new album. The worktitle is "Backroom". One of the already recorded tracks has the title "Miene pa is drekmaan". This is a dialect version of the old English traditional "The ballad of a disposal officer". This song will be released in about two weeks on a compilation album called "Vasteloavend in Mestreech 6".

Due to health problems, Harry Sillen has been forced to leave the band. He will be replaced by Peter Houben on guitar, banjo, bluesharp and vocals.

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